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My name is Priya, the maker behind priyaprints. I am based in Seattle WA, USA, which I very proudly call home. I work from my makeshift home studio, where prints hang to dry practically everywhere, and the Ikea fold-out table is a versatile companion. I hand burnish each of my editions with household objects – wooden spoons, chapati fluffers, hammers. I have recently challenged myself to work larger, which has required a bit more patience for hand printing.

For now, I work exclusively in linocut – I adore the medium and the entire multi-step process of relief printmaking. I love the way it smells, the softness beneath the solid surface of the plate, the sound of the ink when the coverage on the brayer is just right. I am self-taught and started printmaking as a creative relief (hah!) from my not-so-creative corporate day job in apparel design.

There are variations in my process. Sometimes I draw directly on the block and begin to carve; other times I transfer images from my sketchbook with tracing paper. Sometimes I tint the block with acrylic paint before carving; other times I carve without guidelines. Keeping the process fluid is important to me – there are no rules in art, and it is a great joy to discover what works and feels right as I go along.

My family immigrated to New Jersey, USA in 1990 when I was 3 years old. As a first generation Indian American, I have always felt as though I am walking a tightrope between two cultures, shifting my weight carefully, hovering over one identity and then the other, not quite committing to either. This feeling inspires aspects of my work.


I escape to a place without absolutes through meditation and self-reflection. My prints have a psychedelic quality and seek to evoke the eternal sadness, loneliness, and mundane nature of the human experience.


The consistencies in ideas and symbols across cultures in the supernatural world fascinates me. My tarot series reimagines the deck from my point of view. I dream of manifesting greater ethnic representation in what feels like a Caucasian world that POC like myself just live in.

total tarot

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